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A new way of learning

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Established in 2018, The Learning Academy is an educational support centre, where students have the opportunity to work in groups and interact socially with other children, while working through their chosen curriculum content online. The Learning Academy is suited to students who are self-driven and prefer to set their own pace for learning.

We serve students who...

  • Are not coping with mainstream culture,
  • Don’t like working in large groups,
  • Are academically capable but need support,
  • Are physically not able to cope with "normal" school,
  • Want to improve and do well,
  • Have self-discipline & are self motivated

We offer...

Structured homeschooling experience

Flexible but still structured and where we can zone in on the individuality of each student.

Social interaction

Learning from peers, accepting of each other's differences and needs and protective of each other


Academic support

Students choose their own subjects and online curriculum and are paired with our tutors to consolidate their learning..

Our "secret sauce"...

  • Online homeschooling WITH facilitation
  • Takes pressure off parents
  • Students have a place to go
  • Sense of belonging to something
  • Holistic approach to learning
  • Cross grade learning
  • Loving 'discipline' in a safe space
  • Becoming ready for the world of work
  • Teach responsibility in an informal way

Meet the team...

Piet Alberts manages our learning journey, overseeing all academic aspects.

Jill Barclay brings the magic of organization as our executive administrator, igniting a passion for learning in the classroom.

Contact us

The Learning Academy

5 1st Avenue, Walmer


Cell: 082 874 1865

REG 2006/000013/08

NPO 056-340